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*Please note results may vary from person to person

Detox retreat

I had a fantastic experience at the Byron Bay Detox Retreat. All the staff were so kind and welcoming and would do anything in their power to make your stay was as comfortable and enjoyable as can be. I left the retreat with so much information and the motivation to continue my journey. What Natalie has created is remarkable and I HIGHLY recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to live a better life physically and or spiritually 🧘🏻‍♀️🙏🏼💜

Rose Wilkinson

Investment in yourself

The team here at Byron Bay retreat are the best of the best, I received unconditional love and support from Yoga to meditation through to treatments and juices, the gentleness of nurturing your internal body and the awareness of self throughout this whole experience I will take with me through my journey.

Michelle Dyball

A truly holistic detox

This has been a life-changing event for me, something that has been well overdue and something that has progressed to the stage where I needed loving guidance and support. I am grateful for the incredible safe, co-ordinated, grounded, connected, relevant and profound journey that Natalie and her highly skilled and deeply connected team at Byron Bay Detox Retreats allowed me to go on. This is a very well thought out program that embraces not just the physical but mental, emotional and spiritual. A truly holistic detox. I turn 50 this year and I have not felt this good since I was 20! Thank you to Byron Bay Detox Retreats.

Carlie Atkinson

Juice fasting retreat in Bali

Many thanks to Ben Walker for sharing this beautiful video with us. He and his wife Stevie attended our Juice Fasting Retreat in Bali in August and here is what he had to say!

Ben Walker

5th Annual Detox for me, I just keep coming back…

I have been fasting since 2003. Since 2013, I have been returning to Nat and her team’s Byron Bay Detox Retreat because, well, it’s just so good. I returned again in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017! Each year is different but each year I get more and more benefits from the retreat. Each year I learn new ways to improve my health and lifestyle. Plus, I get a much needed break, some R&R for one week to myself. Time that I now relish and treasure at BBDR and look forward to every year. Do yourself a favour and just get there. You won’t regret it. Thanks again to Nat and her amazing team for all that you do to help us city-folk wind down and get back to our core selves. x

Louise Barry

Healing Journeys

The September 2017 retreat was my third with Byron Bay Detox Retreats. I commenced my detox journey with Natalie, Leilani and the beautiful committed team of floating white angels as a burned out, stress-ridden business owner and divorced mother raising 3 kids alone. With a nurturing demeanour, nourishment and sublime treatments, I saw each week long retreat, take me closer to my real self. The part of me that I’d buried to get on with the demands of a busy life. The gift of this 6 day serenity is my gift to ‘me’ each enhancing my clarity of mind whilst cleansing my tired body and traumatised stomach.
I continue on this path with the dedicated team and hope to experience two retreats in 2018.
I have no words for what the reprieve does for my body, mind and soul, except to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Namaste.

Shellee Maister

Refocus Your Life

I am a 62 yr old city dweller and have now been with Natalie and her talented team for 3 retreats, as I move my diet away from a meat and potatoes life that was a part of most people my ages’ upbringing. I go there because I really enjoy the people the place, the fantastic massages etc. and it has done me lots of good when, according to my GP, there is nothing wrong. If you want to feel well, focussed and energised GO. It’s like a beach holiday without the booze.

Julian Ludowici

I would like to THANK…

I would like to THANK everyone who works at the Byron Bay retreat, for your positivity and good energy which you share. I had such a good experience and I learn a lot. An extra THANK YOU FOR NATALIE she is just a sweet heart ❤️ And for LANI she is a big strong personality and so professional at what she does!!! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Ekaterina borodina


After a very relaxing 6 day retreat, I came away feeling very healthy – I was also surprised at how easy the fasting was – I did not feel hungry at all, and i would consider myself a “healthy eater”. The massage treatments were all exceptional – wonderful practitioners were used. Food was re-introduced on the last day but I felt I could have easily done another fasting day. Location was lovely right on Tallows Beach. *
Trish Rogers, Dec 2016


Recent Retreat at Byron Bay

This is a fantastic detox. Brilliant location,supportive professional staff
I lost weight and have committed to changes in my diet.
I feel fantastic! *

Dr. Jean Jenkins

Amazing Week!

A big thank you to Natalie and her truly wonderful team for an incredible week! There is no better gift to ourselves than giving back to our bodies, by nurturing the mind, body and soul! The perfect combination of health, peace, relaxation, joy and of course sunshine! *

Jen Maher

A Reset

When I decided to go to the Byron Bay Detox Retreats, it was mostly for the physical detox, but on return, I feel like I have had a reset in so many more ways. I have the energy and clarity now to put some new practices into my life that felt too hard before.

It is such a holistic well run program that all aspects of myself got a make-over, not just the physical. Most importantly, it was done with love and patience and so happened more easily than I expected. Many thanks to an awesome team. *


Anna Brennan

I learnt so much about nutrition

A big thank you to Nat, Lisa and all the team for such a wonderful retreat. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to juice for 5 days and then get to eat such beautiful raw vegan food on our last day. Such a nice touch giving us take away lunches to continue our journey of being healthy and nourished.

I already miss my morning Yoga, infrared saunas, jumping into the ocean and laughing with the fantastic other ladies (and man) that were in my group.

I learnt so much about nutrition which I have taken away with me and already incorporated into my daily life. I came home with renewed energy and am looking forward to continuing my health and wellness journey.

Thanks again! *

Hayley Dean

I feel bright and happy!

I feel so rejuvenated and have found my confidence and essence again… I feel bright and happy! I will always cherish the acceptance, love, compassion, attention, positivity and warmth I received at the retreat – it has been positively life-changing.Stay beautiful with love and gratitude, Antonia xx *


I came back completely refreshed

Such a wonderful experience!!! 21 days with the beautiful talented and gifted Natalie and her amazing and dedicated team in paradise. Special mention to Lisa for going above and beyond with the organisation – especially at such short notice!! Leilani for her wonderful generosity of spirit over the course of our daily check-ins and fantastic juices, Vicki, her beautiful team of therapists and amazing broths, Carmelle for her inspiration and guidance, Vicky for her valued advice and everyone else who went well above and beyond what any one could expect.I look forward to the next time XX  . I came back completely refreshed. *

Julia Cooper

I feel amazing

happy Byron Detox customer

I effortlessly gave up smoking, on day one, no side effects, i really don’t understand how. I lost 2 kg in a week, I feel amazing. The inflammation in my body is so much less, which means the aches and pains are so much less. *

Kath Griffin

gave me the kick start I needed

happy Byron Bay Detox customer

Fantastic retreat with Nat and her team. The program has helped me reset my priorities around my health and gave me the kick start I needed to make life changes to support this. Thank you! *

Tanya Jackson

A very beautiful experience

happy Byron Bay Detox Retreats customer

I feel refreshed and nourished physically, mentally and emotionally. A very beautiful experience. Thank you to all the wonderful people working at the retreat. I hope to come back, maybe Bali next time *

Kela Gurnsey

tailored to what I most needed

Byron Detox Retreats Happy Guest

A very BIG thank you to gorgeous Natalie and her exceptional team for such a wonderful and transformational week. I felt supported and well looked after during the retreat. The detox experience including treatments, lectures and classes, was magically tailored to what I most needed at the time. Thank you. If you would like to feel refreshed, energised and inspired Byron Bay Detox Retreat is the place to be! I am already planning to come back. *
Kasia x

Kasia Jarosz

excited for the future

Byron Detox Retreats Happy Guest

Life changing week! I arrived at Byron bay detox retreat feeling tired, stressed, anxious and lost. Now I feel energised, light, happy and excited for the future. It was so much more than just a detox. I feel like I have come home to myself and I’ve learnt to trust myself again. My skin is glowing and I’m feeling focused. Thank you! *

Aimee Ralston

truly life changing

Byron Detox Retreats Happy Guest

What an amazing week I had! The experience has been truly life changing. I arrived at Byron Bay Detox weighed down by sadness, anxiety and grief but left a completely different person. I am so much healthier and happier and I am so grateful to Natalie and her incredibly supportive team. *

Kerry Gough

I feel refreshed and fantastic.

Byron Bay Detox Retreats Review

A beautiful week with beautiful people. The quality and professionalism of the program and health and wellbeing practitioners available is outstanding. I had high expectations and all were exceeded. If you need some emotional/physical healing or just some time out to recharge and rejuvenate this is the place. Nat you and your team are amazing. I feel refreshed and fantastic. I’ve let go of all that no longer serves and am starting to consider the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Thank you *

Natasha Whish-Wilson

Divine Retreat

Byron Bay Detox Retreats Review

I had the most wonderful time!!! There is simply not one negative thing that can be said about this divine retreat. Beautiful staff, beautiful location, beautiful guests!! I walked in with the weight of the world on my shoulders but walked out feeling lighter in my mind, body and spirit. I’ve been to many retreats but without a doubt Byron Bay Detox Retreat has been the most beneficial. Thank you. I will be back *

Tori Carrington

I feel light and alive

Byron Bay Detox Retreats Review

Amazing Thanks Nat your knowledge is second to none your spirit is gorgeous/stunning inside and out.I was really ready for a breakdown when i arrived i looked really old as i had been punishing myself due to old stuff i couldn’t let go of and building a house and running a small business by myself with no support i was sad and not taking care of myself and definitely not loving myself but after 4 days of zen shiatsu with Rani, sound healing with Sam kahuna with Matt and dialogue therapy and cranial sacral with Carmelle there knowledge and caring personalities and insights are amazing.I am very grateful!

Fasting wasn’t my thing by myself is too hard i usually do it in a group i couldn’t do it by myself but the juices and broth were fabulous yum!

I feel light and alive i can’t wait to come back my new refused house was lovely i could hear the ocean crashing and i had a view of the lake it was warm and the bed was comfy!
Thanks Team ill be back and ill tell people to come visit you all,
Love your Work. *


Karla Middleton

A truly inspirational experience

Byron Bay Detox Retreats Reviews

A wonderful retreat to detox and step back from the pressures of City Life. A truly inspirational experience. Natalie provides the perfect get away from Naturopath consultations, wholefood cooking demonstrations from the wonderful chef’s Louise and Helga, massage options and lots more. Thank you to Natalie and team, it was thoroughly enjoyed. x *

Debbie Pascoe

I love coming back and each year

Byron Bay Detox Retreats Reviews

Hi Guys, thanks again for yet another (third annual!) detox retreat. I love coming back and each year I get more and more benefits and am able to implement more healthy changes into my busy life. See you in 2016! *

Louise Barry

A week of total bliss!

Byron Bay Detox Retreats Reviews

What an amazing experience! I learnt so much about myself! A week of total bliss and cleansing! I feel so happy, refreshed and motivated since returning from my retreat! *

Jenna Evans

A truly life changing week

Byron Bay Detox Retreats Reviews

I got everything I hoped for and more out of my week with Nat and the team, I let go of negative self sabotaging patterns, lost my sugar & caffeine cravings, I’m sleeping better and feel amazing!!! The best thing have ever done for my health… A truly life changing week with a fun & supportive group.* I can’t wait to go back!! thank you xxx *

Megan Green

Highly recommended

Byron Bay Detox Retreats Reviews

BBDR gave my body the rest and support (educational, emotional and spiritual) it needed to remind me what it feels like to be healthy. It was a great way to reset myself and break the cycle of unhealthy life choices. Highly recommended. *

Adam Keelan

Life Changing

Byron Bay Detox Retreats Reviews

Absolutely great team and support system! I lost 5 kilos! YAY! But it doesn’t stop there…I have learnt so much and have tools I can take back home with me! Definitely Life Changing! Thank you all so much! *

Christine Pencev

My appetite has been reset

Happy Byron Detox Customers

This was a beautiful and nourishing week, just what my body needed. My appetite has been reset, my mind calmed and my taste buds are enlivened. Thank you for so much love and nurturing care. The professionalism and dedication of Natalie and the team are inspirational. Now I understand the benefits of juicing and colonics, I’ll be back. Thank you xx *

Jenny Fisher

An outstanding experience

Happy Byron Detox Customers

Spectacular! From the perfect location, allowing easy far infra-red sauna and straight into-the-ocean cleansing, to the carefully selected treatments and healing experiences with top-class practitioners, to the magnificent juices and post-juicefast food, to the attention to detail and loving care of the entire team, Byron Bay Detox Retreat was an outstanding experience for me. Thankyou one and all *

Angela Ryan Bambach

the greatest healers this country has to offer

Words escape… Natalie and her team are second to none (and I have tried plenty). This is a unique experience and service with (in my humble opinion) the greatest healers this country has to offer. I guess that is the thing these people are healers in the tuest sense. Thank you for helping me to change my life. *

Rebecca Vesey

You guys are inspirational!

Happy Byron Detox Customers

An Amazing experience!
Love, light, health, beauty, healing, spiritual, transformation, relaxation, friendship, nurturing, nature, peace!
These gorgeous people were incredible very supportive every step of the way! Loved every minute of it! Hopefully this ‘once in a lifetime’ will become a ‘once a year’ trip for me! Thank you to Natalie & her vibrant knowledgable team from the bottom of my heart. You guys are inspirational! X *

Kamille Hood

Wonderful people

Byron Bay Detox Retreats What a lovely place to be with wonderful people they all enjoyed there time together..*

Lucia Spiteri

In one word: FANTASTIC!

Byron Bay Detox Customers

In one word: FANTASTIC! I felt very held in the warm presence of Natalie and her team, so that fasting with amazing juices was pretty easy – not feeling hungry at all, no cravings – nothing! The treaments like massages, colon hydrotherapy (wow – what a great one to get rid of old stuff, not only literally!) and infrared sauna with a quick cleansing jump into the ocean just a few steps away…just perfect! My energy is back plus a lot of sloppy eating habits have changed for good ones plus the nutritional supplements I got from Natalie begin to work within me. THANK YOU SO MUCH – I definitely will be back in a year *

Iris Anu Nauss

A fabulous, inspirational week

Byron Bay Detox Customers

A fabulous Inspirational week to totally give your body a truly wonderful gift!! A massive thanks to Natalie, Vicki and meeting such an entertaining group to share the week!! Gorgeous!!! X *

Heidi Langton

My bliss and great new habits

Byron Bay Detox Customers

Life changing week. I’m back in the big smoke now and I’ve brought my bliss and great new habits with me. I’m slimmer, spiritually nourished and glowing.* Thank you with all my heart to Natalie and her incredible team. *

Tania Gogos-Wilson


Byron Bay Detox Customers

Outstanding experience with an outstanding team!!! *

Amy Filippelli

Do yourself a favour

Byron Bay Detox Customers

A great experience and a great program. Do yourself a favor and give it a go *

Daryl Dinger

A life changing retreat

Byron Bay Detox Retreat Review

Amazing, rejuvenating week in a nurturing, supportive environment. What better way to feed the soul?? Thanks Natalie for another life changing retreat. Look forward to seeing you and your incredible team again next year xx *

Alison Felton

*Please note results may vary from person to person

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