9 11, 2016

Detox for Your Mind, Body, and Soul at Byron Bay

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Detox for Your Mind, Body, and Soul at Byron Bay Modern life can be frantic and it’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of the city without stopping to think what effects it’s having on your wellbeing. When you’re busy, it’s not always easy to find the time to think about a [...]

16 02, 2013

Meditation Matters

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We often forget that there is a price to pay for our busy lives until it is too late and illness sets in. Stress contributes to a number of health conditions, including poor digestion, inflammation, musculoskeletal problems, high blood pressure, adrenal burnout, anxiety, depression and mineral deficiencies. Although we often can’t remove all the stress [...]

5 06, 2012

Benefits Of Fasting

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Fasting is one of the most profound methods of healing & dates back to thousands of years. During fasting the digestive organs are put "on vacation". As digestion requires a lot of energy and more than any other bodily process, this energy usually used for digestion can be used to heal the body. Toxins that [...]

31 10, 2011

Detox Your Emotions

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          Not only can toxins from our external world cause harm, but negative emotions coming from within us can cause toxic stress. This occurs when these emotions are suppressed, rejected, judged or lied about. If you allow these toxic emotions to accumulate and they are not dealt with in the right [...]

7 10, 2011

Detoxify Your Home

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          Detoxify Your Home. Decrease your toxic load by reducing and removing toxins from your home. Replace all toxic personal care products and household cleaning products with non-toxic products Try eco-friendly cleaners and paints that are low in volatile organic compounds in your house. Cleaners like bicarbonate of soda, eucalyptus oil [...]

30 11, 2010


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Fasting is the most powerful method of healing. It is natures way of cleansing, healing and regenerating the vital life force. With fasting all of the energy usually used for digestion is diverted elsewhere in the body to digest any dis-ease and self heal.  Fasting also triggers the production of human growth hormone in order to repair [...]

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