Detox and rejuvenate in Bali with Natalie Purcell

/Detox and rejuvenate in Bali with Natalie Purcell
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“Thank you for energising me spiritually, physically & emotionally. My energy was at an all time low and now I go home with the tools and motivation I need to look after myself better! I have also quit smoking after 20 years of 1 packet daily! Thank you to you all”.


“As you know, I have been diabetic for eleven years with various complications. Since completing your Byron Bay Detox program I have been able to bend my knees to a squat position and been pain free in my arms for the first time in years. While on the program I was able to decrease my insulin usage to 50% of my normal intake and since completing the detox have been using 35% – 40% less. I cannot thank you both enough for your extensive Naturopathic expertise, kindness, consideration and care. My life has definitely changed for the better.”

Kim Daly

“I arrived here stressed, sick and feeling almost about to have a breakdown. This week of cleansing, loving care and help has left me lighter, brighter and with new ways to deal with my life. Thank you, I can’t wipe the smile off my face! Love and thanks to you and all the wonderful team that have taken me on this journey.”


“I would recommend this to anyone. From those who wish to improve their health or those who are in need of help. It is an amazing experience! The staff are so beautiful and supportive every minute of the day! Love it ALL! Will be back! Thanks.”

Julie Bell

“The reason I chose a detox at Byron Bay Detox Retreats was to stop a cycle of self sabotage that I had indulged in which negatively impacted my health and spirit. The Byron Bay Detox together with the excellent spiritual healers available allowed me to put a full stop to the old behaviour. Thank you!”

Marcella ZemanSydney

“Thank you to the whole team. You all are amazing and deserve all the credit in the world. This has been a wonderful journey for me and will pass on to the whole family.”

Edwina Cameron

“My experience at the detox retreat has been life changing. I never thought I could fast like that it has been a great gift to myself. Thank you girls”


“Thank you all for one of the best experiences of my life. It was truly amazing!”


“You are all truly inspirational. By unifying the body, mind & soul, you create harmony and peace for all. In four words, we will be back!”

Leon & Ilana KemplerMelbourne

“Thank you Sarah and Natalie, I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can think and feel a lot clearer within myself and am very excited to get home and start my new journey. I feel like a new person!”

Melanie EdgarMelbourne

This exclusive detox retreat encompasses traditional eastern rituals designed to integrate health and wellbeing practices and principles into your everyday life. Through daily practice, your body will be given time to recalibrate, heal and rest so you can return to your life with a fresh perspective feeling mentally, emotionally and physically renewed.

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Reconnect with yourself while you immerse your body, mind and spirit for true relaxation and restoration in the lush surrounds of the Desa Seni Eco Village Resort, Canggu, Bali.

[title size="3" content_align="center" style_type="single" sep_color="#6d6d6d" margin_top="" margin_bottom="" class="" id=""]Your program includes[/title]
  • 6 nights luxury accommodation at Desa Seni Village Resort
  • Organic juices, mineral broths and herbal teas
  • Organic meals, pre and post fast
  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Traditional Balinese Purification and Cleansing Ceremony with local monk
  • Pre and post Naturopathic Consultation
  • Pre & Post Cleanse Programs
  • Science of Detoxification and Nutrition Seminars
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Herbal Medicine, Nutraceuticals and Specialized detox supplements to support and promote the detoxification process
  • Parasites and Heavy Metal Cleansing
  • Meditation Sessions
  • 2 Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments
  • 1.5hr Balinese Traditional Boreh Body Treatment
  • 1.5hr Signature Massage
  • Sound Healing
  • “Canang” traditional Balinese Daily Offerings
  • Internet access
  • Optional shopping tour in Seminyak
  • Book in for additional massages, bodywork and other healing therapies during the week.
  • Arrival and departure transfers with private driver directly from Denpasar airport to Desa Seni Village Resort

Byron Bay Detox's signature program focuses on fasting on, organic vegetable juices and mineral broths, as well as colonic hydrotherapy, meditation, sound healing, yoga and naturopathic consultations by our team of dedicated health professionals.

As always Natalie will be there to facilitate and support you on your cleansing journey.

This Bali retreat will be a unique blend of Balinese and Western Healing Arts.

We look forward to welcoming you on your journey to health and happiness

*Please note results may vary from person to person. 

For more information and bookings for our Bali or Byron Retreats please contact us.

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