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15 12, 2017

Self Care Tips for the Festive Season

By | 2017-12-15T01:31:01+00:00 December 15th, 2017|Health|0 Comments

Are you rushing, panicking, wondering how you’ll get everything done, everything ‘right’ for Christmas? Take a breath, a pause. What’s really important? Gatherings with family and friends are so much more enjoyable if everyone’s relaxed. Share time together in preparation for the celebration. Plan together, cook together, include the kids, put on some music [...]

15 12, 2017

Healthy Detox Drink

By | 2017-12-15T01:36:03+00:00 December 15th, 2017|Detox, Health|0 Comments

Try this light, refreshing and healthy detox drink to kick start your health and get your body prepared and stay in tune this busy holiday and festive season. Ingredients 1 cup of purified water/coconut water 2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 1 pinch Cayenne pepper (optional) 2 Tbsp lemon juice, flesh, pith and zest 2 [...]

27 11, 2017

7 reasons to welcome Summer with Byron Bay Detox Retreats

By | 2017-12-11T08:47:01+00:00 November 27th, 2017|Detox|0 Comments

Summer is approaching and what better time to give yourself a gift as we prepare for 2018? Here are seven reasons to entice you to love yourself in the first week of summer with a restoring week of organic juice fasting, colonic hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, heavy metal and parasite cleanses and yoga and meditation at [...]

20 11, 2017

The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer

By | 2017-12-11T08:47:06+00:00 November 20th, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments

It is estimated that half the Australian population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime (Australian Government, 2017). With an alarming statistic like that, it is fair to say we have all been affected by cancer in one way or another. While it is a common and tragic disease that affects so many, there [...]

23 10, 2017

Simple Vegan Nut Cheese

By | 2017-10-23T09:49:48+00:00 October 23rd, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments

This light refreshing, versatile and delicious dairy free soft cheese recipe is made by using macadamias or cashews or a mix of the two. You can also include a portion of pine nuts and/or hempseed added to the mix. This vegan cheese is a good source of protein, and is considered a probiotic food, meaning that [...]

28 09, 2017

Why you should try a juice fast?!

By | 2017-12-11T08:47:06+00:00 September 28th, 2017|Juicing|0 Comments

1. Alkalise The blood remains at a constant pH of 7.35. Depending on what you consume day-to-day determines how hard the body has to work to maintain that pH. The typical western diet is very acidic and pro-inflammatory in nature, meaning the body has to work overtime, in order to maintain a pH of 7.35. [...]

27 08, 2017


By | 2017-08-27T09:14:04+00:00 August 27th, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments

There are many benefits of fresh and young coconuts including natural healing wonders, high in electrolytes, low in calories, high in absorbic acid, B vitamins and proteins.  Enjoy a coconut smoothie to reep all the added benefits of coconuts. See our ingredients for this smoothie here - coconut water, coconut flesh, coconut yoghurt, dates, walnuts, banana, [...]

3 08, 2017

10 Steps Toward Your Best Night’s Sleep

By | 2017-12-11T08:47:07+00:00 August 3rd, 2017|Health|0 Comments

“Only when one cannot sleep does one know how long the night is” - Chinese Proverb Sleep deprivation is an epidemic in our society. Our western culture promotes a late-night, early morning, fast paced, stressful lifestyle. In addition, we are surrounded by light pollution from the streets, our phones and other technological devices in and [...]

8 07, 2017

How Intermittent Fasting Will Heal Your Body and Lengthen Your Life

By | 2017-12-11T08:47:07+00:00 July 8th, 2017|Detox, Fasting, Health, Juicing, Weight loss|0 Comments

What is intermittent fasting? Intermittent Fasting (IF) is the term used to describe a cyclical pattern of eating and fasting. Although it sounds like a new trend, the truth is that is has been going on since the beginning of time, whether in the form of a religious practice or a forced fast due to [...]

7 06, 2017

Hot Morning Elixir drink for Winter

By | 2017-12-11T08:47:07+00:00 June 7th, 2017|Detox, Recipes|0 Comments

Winter is here and we can definitely feel the chill in the air - take wellness into your own hands and start your day with a hot mix of water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, honey, ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper. A potent, refreshing, and spicy remedy great for preventing colds and flus, and for [...]

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