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Byron Bay is on the North Coast of NSW, and the area includes Cape Byron, Australia’s most easterly point. It enjoys sub-tropical weather all year round. It lies within a tropical basin created by a now dormant volcano, Wollumbin (or Mount Warning), so the area is rich in volcanic soil and tropical rainforests that is considered sacred by local indigenous beliefs.

Byron is internationally renowned for its laid-back lifestyle and unspoilt beaches. Crystal clear water and warm temperatures ensure that swimming and water activities are an option all-year round. You can often see dolphins close to shore, while whale watching can be enjoyed from around June to November.

Byron Beach Detox Retreats

Average seasonal temperatures:

Summer: 19C – 27C

Autumn: 15C – 26C

Winter: 12C – 21C

Spring: 14C – 25C

Just a short walk from Byron Bay Detox Retreats are naturally formed tea tree lakes; their brownish waters are known locally for their healing properties.

When visiting Byron, you can’t help but feel a unique natural vibrancy that will seep deep into your soul. Visitors often say that upon arrival, their whole body begins to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

Byron Bay Detox Retreats wants you to enjoy this beautiful place with us, while purifying your mind, body and soul.

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