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Byron Bay Detox Retreats offers one of the most holistic and comprehensive naturopathic detox programs available today.

Experience a life changing transformation on one of our exclusive group detox retreats, rejuvenate during a personalised one-on-one detox retreat, or drop in for specialised treatments at our Byron Bay Detox Clinic.

Head Facilitator at Byron Bay Detox Retreats, Natalie Purcell (B.Nat, I-ACT), is one of Australia’s leading detox specialists and has studied and practised widely across natural and traditional therapies. She leads a dedicated team of naturopaths and therapists that guide and support clients on their detoxification journeys.

Our holistic philosophy includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of detoxification .Your body will be purified and healed on a cellular level, and by the end of your retreat you will glow from the inside out!

Our local accommodation is set upon tranquil bushland by the ocean in the Byron basin – an area famed for its ancient, indigenous healing qualities, volcanic soil and quartz-strewn underground. It’s the perfect place to alleviate your daily stresses and reset your internal system.

Quietly nestled amid the calming spirituality of the North Coast of New South Wales, Byron Bay Detox Retreats invite you to rejuvenate and renew your body while enjoying the quiet luxury of our tranquil environment. We are located just metres from Tallow Beach, just south of Australia’s most easterly point, Cape Byron, in 30 hectares of native bushland. Swimming, nature trails, bird watching and more activities can all be part of your retreat experience.

Our fully immersive retreat removes toxins from your system and empowers you with restored vitality and health. With over 20 years’ experience in detox, we’re in our eighth year of running retreats in Byron, and we know how to facilitate your journey to good health.

Byron Bay Detox Retreats

Byron Bay Detox Retreats specially prepares a detox program that can include:

  • Consultations and customised treatments delivered by qualified health professionals
  • Supervised fasting with alkalised and ionized water, organic and cold-pressed vegetable juices, mineral broths, herbal teas, nutraceuticals and herbal supplements
  • Colonic hydrotherapy and infra-red sauna
  • Parasite, liver and heavy metal cleansing.
  • Massage, bodywork and organic skin-care treatments
  • Yoga, meditation, sound healing and peace walks
  • Spiritual counselling and purification rituals

The Byron Bay Detox Retreats difference is:

  • Facilitated and guided by a team of naturopaths, healers and therapists hand-picked from Byron Bay
  • The support of a group setting where you all start your cleansing journey at the same time, or the option of an all-inclusive personalised program
  • Fully organic menu, free from pesticides and herbicides and sourced locally wherever possible
  • Stunning location just metres from the white sands of Tallow Beach
  • Option of adding a wide range of additional treatments to the program
  • Post-retreat guidance from our naturopaths to assist you in your journey to a reinvigorated lifestyle
  • Byron Bay Detox Retreats provides a beautiful, natural sanctuary among 30 hectares of native bushland, and fronting onto the turquoise waters of Tallows Beach, which is the ideal environment for you to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul
  • All of our therapists are fully trained and qualified with years of experience and are personally committed to you. They are hand-picked to ensure all of our treatment options are world-class
  • We keep our numbers small so that you can receive personalised care, nurturing and support from our team
  • Seminars and educational tools are given to you so you can implement a healthier regime when you return to your every day life
  • Byron Bay Detox Retreats believes in holistic approach, focusing not only on the physical but also on your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, allowing the space for your transformation, growth and healing to occur

*Please note results may vary from person to person

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